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"Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?" (November 11 2013)

That’s a question we hear often at Pioneer Hearing Aid Centers. Of course, most people understand that hearing instruments will be costly but many folks are surprised when they find out that some aids can cost as much as $5000 per ear. At the same time they see advertisements for hearing aids in the paper and on the internet that price some hearing aids as low as $99. So why do hearing aids cost so much, and what is the difference between technology that costs a few hundred dollars and technology that costs a few thousand dollars?

When hearing instruments are advertised online for a very low price, they are often simple amplifiers that may make sounds louder, but in a way that will not improve speech understanding. These devices are often labeled as hearing instruments but experience has shown that they eventually wind up in a drawer and give no real benefit to the hearing impaired; giving no benefit for the money that was spent.
By contrast, the technology that we fit at Pioneer Hearing Aid Centers is the result of years of painstaking research. Some of the laboratories we work with spend upwards of $30 million each year trying to perfect the way hearing aids detect and translate sounds into your ear to give you the best hearing possible in all the different situations you encounter in daily living. Inside each hearing instrument is a tiny microprocessor no bigger than a match head. That processor is making thousands of calculations every minute about the sounds around you. Many instruments now feature wireless communication that allows the aids to adjust themselves in cooperation with each other as well as offering connectivity with mobile phones, music players and television systems. Modern hearing instruments can do a much better job of differentiating between soft and loud sounds, noise and speech, and the direction of sound sources and give you better understanding even in situations where environmental sounds may put you at a disadvantage.

At Pioneer, we understand that your goal is to hear your loved ones better. We also understand that if we can deliver that benefit to you, the cost of the devices is worth it for the quality of life you gain. As a result, we are constantly training and working to adjust this advanced technology to give you every advantage we can to hear speech and the sounds of life. At the same time we know that everyone’s budget is different, so we offer a full range of technology at different price points and a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied. Please feel free to ask any time about the advances in hearing aid technology, or call today and we will be happy to schedule a demonstration at no charge.