Hearing Care Services

When testing your hearing, our professionals will use the latest technology to evaluate the function of your hearing.

Our services include the following: 

Hearing Aid Prescription & Fitting

Pioneer Hearing Aid Center is independently owned. Since we are not part of a franchise we have the freedom to work with any hearing instrument laboratory in the world. We currently work with over 30 labs on a regular basis. This gives us tremendous flexibility in technology and pricing. 

Counseling & Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, amplification is critical to preserving the ability to understand speech. However, successful amplification is more than simply placing a hearing instrument in one's ear. It takes time and patience, as well as knowlegeable counseling from a qualified professional. Here at Pioneer we work hard with our patients to help them get the most out of their hearing instruments. 

Hearing Assessments

First we perform an videootoscopic examination of your ear canals. We look for obstructions(ear wax, etc.), swellings, inflamation or anything out of the ordinary. This also allows you to see your eardrum on a video screen during the exam. We then perform air conduction scores, bone conduction scores, as well a tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing. The entire process usually takes less than an hour, and there is no charge for this assessment. 


We realize that many folks already have a hearing instrument that they may not have obtained from Pioneer. We are happy to offer repair, maintenance, and warranty service on any hearing instrument, regardless of manufacturer. 

Swim Molds, Ear Molds, and Noise Protectors

Protect your hearing with ear plugs custom designed for maximum comfort. We also make custom floatable ear plugs to keep vulnerable ears dry while swimming.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

From amplified phones to devices designed to help you hear the television better, Pioneer can direct you to quality products manufactured by reputable laboratories.

Visiting Assisted Living Centers

On a monthly basis we visit various assisted living centers in the area. While we are there we clean and do preventative maintence to hearing devices whether the hearing aids were purchased with us or not. 

Health Fairs

Our staff participates in health fairs in the area. We offer free otoscopy and information at these events.

Small Business Hearing Consultations

We encourage buisness owners to look to us for their Hearing Health Care needs when it comes to their employees. We offer free hearing screenings for these individuals. Please call ahead to schedule these hearing consults.